Technology Tattoos

tattoo technologies

Technology Tattoos is an art that usually expresses personality. If you are a person who loves tattoos then this article will tell you about the new and painless tattoo technologies. Tattoos are for those who wanted the memories of their loved ones with them forever.

As we all know that tattoos are two types they are temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos. Temporary tattoos are temporary as the name suggests these can be removed whenever we want. But permanent tattoos are permanent they cannot be removed once printed on the skin.

How permanent tattoos are done?

Permanent tattoos are done with the help of some pigments or chemicals injected into the skin with the tattoo machines. Usually, tattoos are designed in various designs, colors, and patterns mainly depending on the customer’s interest and personality.

A permanent tattoo had a series of steps involved in its process they are:

  • The pigments used in the permanent tattoo are two types they are: sublimation and diffusion pigments.
  • sublimation involves the heating of pigment at high temperatures thus it changes into gas which then spread over the skin.
  • Diffusion involves the direct application of ink onto the skin which stays permanently on the skin and takes a few seconds to dry.


  • Make sure that the tattoo artist is licensed and verified.
  • Make sure that the tattoo is been given a warranty.
  • Get a clear idea about the tattoo store before proceeding.
  • Make sure that the tattoo studio is trustworthy and try to see the reviews of previous clients.
  • Make sure that the tattoo artist is enough experienced.

Different tattoo technologies:

1.Microneedle technology:

This technology is a painless and bloodless tattoo process. It is a self-done process where we can use micro needles ourselves to print a tattoo on our skin. It is also used in tattoo studios as an upgraded and better option as it is painless and bloodless. This technology is for those who prefer a painless and fast tattoo.

Here the microneedles arranged in a pattern that is made of tattoo ink are pressed against the ink when the ink is absorbed by the skin producing a tattoo. These are helpful for patients who want a tattoo to cover up their scars. The microneedle patches will be like in the above figure.

Smart tattoo technologies:

Smart tattoos are made by scientists who cover diseases and make human life smarter and easier. Scientists now thinking about smart tattoos that are embedded with nutritional values especially to treat health issues.

Some tattoos are coming up from Harvard medical labs which contain the ink that identifies the glucose and insulin levels in the blood rather than carrying sensors which are heavy and costly.

From the University of Colorado, Bruns is focusing on tattoos which are usually invisible and gets activated when UV rays fall on the skin and alert human to apply some sunscreen or take some precautions and it also alerts us from getting skin burns or skin cancer.

There is a kind of tattoo called graphene electronic tattoos that are made of an ultra-thin layer of graphite which are wearable and acts as fitness trackers that measures the heartbeat and sugar levels In the body.

There are also tattoos called electronic neck tattoos That are worn on the neck and permanently embedded into our skin. And these are

Same as microphones that measure all the changes in the body and send alerts to the smartphone wirelessly.


Tattoos are a kind of symbols on the skin that resembles the personality of an individual. Tattoos are two types temporary and permanent and according to the wish of the user he/she can decide the tattoo type. Tattoos are not only for show casing there are also tattoos that takes cares of health and saves our body from unwanted diseases. So tattoos are used by the patients to cover the scars, to keep the track of health and, to measure the insulin levels in the blood.