Cloud Migration

Cloud is the server that runs with the help of the internet. Cloud migration is the shifting of companies’ digital assets, services, databases, resources, applications, and achievements either partially or totally into the cloud.

It is simply defined as moving from one cloud to another cloud. Cloud migration helps all aspects of the company to work efficiently like infrastructure, hardware, software, unreliable firewall operations, etc. So almost all companies prefer cloud migration to just refresh their technologies to work well.


Cloud computing or migration is not an easy task. It requires careful analysis and should balance cloud compatibility with our business requirements. One must have a clear idea about what we should do with cloud migration once we shift the resources. Companies or businesses of all sizes must require guidance or assistance related to cloud migration.

As the cloud plays an entire transformation role, one must choose it with an end to end knowledge. Cloud migration mainly follows 3 steps they are:

  1. Deciding the task to perform or the transformation that the cloud has to do.
  2. Deciding the location that what to move into the cloud and to where it should be moved.
  3. The last step that decides what actually should be shifted into the cloud.

There are different kinds of cloud migrations available:

  • Re-host
  • Re-platform
  • Re-factor
  • Re-purchasing
  • Re-tiring

 The challenges of cloud migration are:

  • Legacy applications
  • Applications modernisation
  • Cloud management
  • Complexity of migrating
  • Business support


  • Enhanced opportunities for creating and inventing.
  • The reduced total cost of ownership
  • Faster deliveries
  • Efficient and reliable performances
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increase in demand for resources
  • Simplified work
  • Better consumption of management
  • Best and most secure way to improve infrastructure


Cloud computing is the best and most effective way to refresh the resources of a company to increase its performance and thus increase production. So nowadays all companies are preferring cloud computing and cloud migration to develop their businesses.